An unofficial open-source BotW editor.
Create your own mods for Shrines and Maps, with little to none installation
and an easy-to-use UI.

Download Ice-Spear


Main Features

Ice-Spear's main focus lies on editing shrines, but there are a lot of other useful features:

  • BFRES Model/Texture Viewer
  • Integrated World-Map
  • Overworld-Editor(WIP)
  • Automatic (un-)packing of files

For a full overview, check the Wiki and the newest Changelog.


Builds are available for Windows (x64) and Linux (x64):

Windows v2.4.0 Linux v2.3.0

You can also run Ice-Spear directly from the Sources. This is recommended for Linux users.

Setup & Usage

For help or general BotW related questions,
feel free to join the BotW-Modding Hub.


Behind the scenes

ES6 + Electron + GL + C++

You can get the source-code for Ice-Spear from the GitLab Project-Group: GitLab Group

This group contains Ice-Spear itself, libraries for Yaz0, SARC, BYAML and textures, as well as a wiki, issue-tracker, builds and this website.